About Me

Hi, I'm Peter and I hail from AK > DC > KC > VA > DC

I'm currently working as a DevOps Engineer in the Retail Industry.

I have been enjoying learning multiple cloud infrastructures. Along the way I have earned a few certs. I received my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification in July 2021 and received my Azure Administrator Associate cert (AZ-104) in July of 2022. A few months before the pandemic, I became a graduate of the KU Coding Boot Camp in which I earned a Full-Stack Developer Certification.

I have a fascination with figuring out how things work and love working within the tech industry. In my current role I provide infrastructure design, monitoring, automation, application support, and security within AWS. I enjoy working in the command line and actually like editing in VIM. Linux is definitely my preferred OS. I am currently using Pop OS! on my home PC, but have experience with a lot of other Linux flavors as well.

I have many hobbies and interests which include: wood working, Linux automation, Raspberry Pi builds, DIY projects, power tools, home renovations, 3D-Printing, mountain biking, training Muay Thai, traveling, photography, film, and more! 🥧 🚴 📷 🏠 🥊